The Micro Modular Reactor (MMR™) system is a 4th Generation small modular nuclear energy system that delivers safe, clean, and cost-effective electricity and heat to remote mines, industry, and communities.


Reduced Power Costs

The MMR™ reactor saves up to 50% of heat and electricity costs and eliminates 100% of carbon emissions.

Security of Supply

The MMR™ reactor requires no refueling for its lifetime of 20 years. This ensures security at the site as the reactor is sealed, and simplifies operations, while reducing the costs associated with the diesel fuel supply typically used to power remote sites.

Environmental Protection

The MMR™ plant provides clean power and eliminates environmental risk. When the plant life is over, the nuclear fuel module will be removed and stored in a commissioned nuclear waste facility. A new module can be provided, or the site can be returned to greenfield.

Low Project Development Cost

The MMR™ plant has order of magnitude lower development costs compared to other SMRs and 4th generation reactor concepts.

Mass Produced, Widely Exportable Hardware

MMR™ plant's small size and radical simplicity allow for factory manufacturing of all but the concrete foundations. Modules will be exported to licenced sites around the globe.

Long-term Predictability and Stability of Power Costs

The cost of electricity and process heat are fixed for the lifetime of the plant. MMR™ plant costs and adjacent plant costs determine the price of the electricity and heat. The predictability of energy costs allows for more accurate mine feasibility analysis and reduces the risk profile for investors.


The MMR™ reactor uses safe FCM™ fuel, in a safety-focused design.

Plant Availability

The MMR™ plant provides highly-flexible power that is 100% compliant to load demands at all times.


Basic Features

15 MWth Gas Cooled Reactor

The MMR™ reactor is a high-temperature, gas-cooled nuclear reactor. This modern reactor uses proven technology, enhanced with proprietary, innovative safety features to deliver simple, scalable, and secure energy solutions.

Accident Tolerant Fuel

The MMR™ system uses FCM™ fuel. Tiny grains of uranium are clad in layers of silicon carbide and encased in structural, fully-dense silicon carbide to provide the strongest possible barrier to the release of fission products. The fuel remains safe and undamaged under all operating and accident conditions.

No Refueling

The MMR™ nuclear reactor is only fueled once in its lifetime. There is no refueling required. No spent or spare fuel is stored at the reactor site.

Walk-Away Safe

The MMR™ reactor is a walk-away safe reactor. In the case of an accident, the MMR™ reactor cannot melt down, as all heat dissipates passively into the environment, no matter the scenario.


The MMR™ reactor is secure. The FCM™ fuel can be used only for power generation. The core is sealed, and the fuel cannot be re-purposed or re-processed for other uses.

Simple and Flexible

The MMR™ plant is simple to operate, and its output is flexible. The use of molten-salt thermal storage can supply both electricity and/or process heat.

Modular and Fully Scalable

The MMR™ plant is completely modular and fully scalable. Each nuclear power unit is self-contained, and additional units can simply be added to the power plant as needed.


  • 2011

    Secured FCM™ fuel and MMR™ reactor patents

  • 2016

    Established R&D and fabrication laboratories

  • 2017

    Initiated FCM™ fuel qualification plan

  • 2018

    Completed Concept Design

    Received Innovate UK SBRI Advanced Modular Nuclear Reactor grant

    Began Basic Design

  • 2019

    Began Reactor Licensing Vendor Design Review II

    Submitted License to Prepare Site for a small modular reactor at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories’ (CNL) Chalk River site