About Earth

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deploy nuclear-based power generating equipment that is safe, commercially competitive, and simple to use. We are committed to bringing safe, reliable, and secure nuclear energy to world markets.

USNC is a new energy company. We vertically integrate all the stages of 4th Generation nuclear power production, strictly adhering to safety principles, through technology innovation in fuels, materials, and design practices.

USNC is based in Seattle (WA) and operates globally, employing more than 50 people. USNC has development, engineering, licensing, and marketing teams with subsidiaries in South Africa, Canada, Europe/UK, and South Korea. USNC has cooperation agreements with well-established nuclear suppliers and nuclear construction and operation companies in the U.S., Canada, South Korea, and the UK.

Our People

  • Francesco Venneri, CEO
  • Ritesh Budree, CFO
  • Mark Mitchell, Vice President, Commercial Nuclear (USNC-Power)
  • Wendy Simon-Pearson, General Counsel
  • Matt Richards, Senior Technical Advisor
  • Ziemowit Iwanski, Senior Commercial Development Advisor
  • Pam Apps, COO (USNC-Power)
  • Pieter Venter, Director for Nuclear Heat Supply System (USNC-Power)
  • Won Jae Lee, Director for Core Design (USNC-Power)
  • Niel Kemp, Director for Power Plant Engineering (USNC-Power)
  • Junaid Razvi, Director for Licensing (USNC-Power)
  • Mark Davies, Director for Fuel & Materials Qualification (USNC-Power)
  • Ken Darlington, Director for Market Development (USNC-Power)
  • Dominique Hittner, Director for Technology Development (USNC-Power)


USNC is a Global Team

Seattle, Washington

Global Head Office

Salt Lake City, Utah

Next Generation Fuel and Moderator Types, Production of Near-Term FCM™ for Irradiation

Toronto, Canada

Global First Power Business and Market Development

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Business Management, Federal Projects

Knoxville, Tennessee

Maturation of Mass Production Technology for the FCM™ Fuel

Manchester, UK

UK Market, AMR Program

Paris, France

European Market, Gemini+ programme

Pretoria, South Africa

MMR™ Reactor Plant Engineering

Daejeon, South Korea

MMR™ Technology Development

  • 6 countries
  • 4 continents
  • 50 engineers
Industrial Partners
  • 2 world-leading industrial partners with experience in heavy machinery and modularization
R & D Partners
  • 3 major research facilities /
    government laboratories
  • 7 university research units

Company Timeline


Founded USNC


Secured seed round funding


Secured seed round funding
Opened USNC South Africa


Identified new markets in UK and Poland


Opened USNC UK
Opened USNC South Korea