Our Mission

We will provide hardware and services for reliable energy anywhere – on Earth and in Space. Developed since 2015, MMR is now becoming reality – the first in a family of hardware and service products for reliable energy anywhere. We are further utilizing our design, licensing, and technology capabilities, such as ceramic additive manufacturing and proprietary sintering techniques, to develop nuclear power systems for advanced applications on earth and in space. These include Transportable Power Units, Nuclear Thermal Propulsion and Lunar Surface Power systems.

Ultra Safe Nuclear is a 100+ employee technology company, well balanced between design, licensing, manufacture and project development, with a mix of young and senior engineers, material scientists and businesspeople, and a well-established network of suppliers and high-quality partnerships. We have a “best in business” workforce that is highly motivated, well tested and demonstrably capable of meeting tough development and commercial milestones. We are able to recruit competitively in all areas of operations in multiple countries.

Ultra Safe Nuclear operates through three divisions – POWER, CORE, and TECH.

Ready to Build. USNC Power is developing commercial-grade, zero-carbon, zero-risk Energy Systems for power and heat utilization - on or off-grid.  

Safety Matters. USNC Core develops materials and fuels designed and manufactured at scale.

No Limits. USNC Tech develops advanced systems and technology targeting space applications for commercial and government customers.

Our People


  • Francesco Venneri, CEO
  • Ritesh Budree, CFO
  • Wendy Simon-Pearson, General Counsel
  • Ziemowit Iwanski, Senior Commercial Development Advisor
  • Jim Voss, Senior Commercial Development Advisor
  • Matt Richards, Senior Technical Advisor
  • Waclaw Gudowski, Senior Technical Advisor


  • Mark Mitchell, Executive Vice President
  • Pieter Venter, Vice President – MMR Technology
  • Niel Kemp, Vice President – MMR Projects
  • Mark Davies, Vice President – Fuel
  • Ken Darlington, Vice President – Corporate Development
  • Pam Apps, Chief of Staff
  • Won Jae Lee, Director for Core Design
  • Dominique Hittner, Director for Research and Technology Development
  • Junaid Razvi, Director for Licensing
  • Sharon Sanders, Director for Management Systems
  • Frederik Reitsma, Director for Analysis
  • Jac Steenekamp, Director for Digital
  • Jan van Raavensway – Director for Hydrogen
  • Alexandre Bredimas – Director for USNC Europe


  • Kurt Terrani, Executive Vice President
  • Charles Lewinsohn, Director for Commercial Production
  • Raymond Cutler, Senior Scientist
  • Gary Renlund, Senior Scientist
  • Caen Ang, Scientist


  • Paolo Venneri, Executive Vice President
  • Michael Eades, Director of Engineering
  • Vishal Patel, Analysis Lead
  • Kelsey Souza, COO
  • Chris Morrison, Chargeable Atomic Batteries Lead
  • Wesley Deason, Surface Fission Power Lead
  • Aaron Selby, Production Lead
  • Andrew Johnson, Nuclear Software Engineer
  • Ethan Chaleff, Systems Lead
  • Sarah Yue, Propulsion Engineer
  • Kristy Kaku, Executive Assistant/Office Manager
  • Mario Mendoza, Nuclear Engineer
  • Tom Hinklin, Principal Materials Research Scientist
  • Gavin Garside, Materials Lead
  • Brandon Seifert, Business Development Lead

Collaborators for MMR

USNC is a Global Team

Seattle, Washington

Global Head Office

Salt Lake City, Utah

Next Generation Fuel and Moderator Development

Ottawa, Canada

Demonstration Project
and Market Development

Chalk River, Canada

1st Demonstration Project

Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Mass Manufacturing Technologies for Fuels and Materials

Manchester, UK

UK Market, AMR Program

Paris, France

European Market


European Market

Pretoria, South Africa

Power Plant Engineering

Daejeon, South Korea

MMR™ Power Plant Design

  • 6 countries
  • 4 continents
  • 100 employees
Industrial Partners
  • 2 world-leading industrial partners with experience in heavy machinery and modularization
R & D Partners
  • 3 major research facilities /
    government laboratories
  • 7 university research units

Company Timeline


Founded USNC


Secured seed round funding


Secured seed round funding
Opened USNC South Africa


Identified new markets
in UK and Poland


Opened USNC UK
Opened USNC South Korea


Series A