About Space

Our Mission

USNC-Tech was founded in 2019 as an independent subsidiary of its parent company, Ultra Safe Nuclear (USNC), a global leader in the development and deployment of safe, simple and commercially competitive nuclear-power generating equipment. USNC-Tech is the future of USNC, focused on long-term innovation in space.

We are committed to enabling the settlement of outer space and meeting humanity’s clean energy needs through the development of safe, reliable and adaptable commercial nuclear technologies. Because power is the most fundamental part of any spacecraft or habitat architecture, USNC-Tech’s ultimate goal is to support sustainable space exploration by becoming the premier power and propulsion provider of deep space nuclear systems for government & commercial customers.

To this end, USNC-Tech is adapting proven terrestrial nuclear technologies to meet NASA’s stated cis-lunar, lunar, and deep space power and propulsion needs. We are building infrastructure and capabilities to initially meet government requirements, but with emerging LEO and deep space commercial markets and customers in mind.

Our People

  • Paolo Venneri, CEO (also VP at USNC)
  • Michael Eades, Director of Engineering
  • Vishal Patel, Analysis Lead
  • Kelsey Souza, COO
  • Chris Morrison, Chargeable Atomic Batteries Lead
  • Wesley Deason, Surface Fission Power Lead
  • Aaron Selby, Production Lead
  • Andrew Johnson, Nuclear Software Engineer
  • Ethan Chaleff, Systems Lead
  • Sarah Yue, Propulsion Engineer
  • Kristy Kaku, Executive Assistant/Office Manager
  • Mario Mendoza, Nuclear Engineer
  • Tom Hinklin, Principal Materials Research Scientist
  • Gavin Garside, Materials Lead
  • Brandon Seifert, Business Development Lead
  • Employee SLC1, Fuel and Materials Lead
  • Employee SLC2, Fuel and Materials Senior Scientist
  • Employee SLC3, Fuel and Materials Senior Scientist
  • Employee SLC4, Fuel and Materials Senior Engineer


  • Seattle, WA
  • Salt Lake City, UT